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Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? A place to unwind and relax?  A patio by South county stonework is the answer!


Do you love the cobblestone driveway look?  Is your driveway material faded or unable to keep the grass separate?

Pool Patios

Your pool scape is a big investment, and south county stonework will provide you the peace of mind you should receive.

Retaining Walls

Many contractors fail to adhere to the specifications for a segmental retaining wall’s durability, ultimately leading to premature failure of your investment.

Steps & Staircases

From simple to show stopping ,   south county stonework can design and build a showpiece for the focal point of your home.


One of my favorite jobs to complete,  the front walkway is the focal point of the front of your home,  it welcomes guests, it defines your homes curb appeal

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Excavation • Landscaping

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