Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? A place to unwind and relax?  A patio by South county stonework is the answer! Backed by a written industry leading 5 year Craftsmanship warranty , SCS will exceed your expectations. Utilizing only the best materials in the industry our patios are Fully customizable,  add contrasting inlays, designs, and borders to make your patio stand out,   flowing curves and radiuses with precise symmetry will highlight our excellent craftsmanship and make your patio unique ,  patio additions Can turn your patio from just a patio to an outdoor living space! With additions like sitting walls, Landscape lighting,  fireplaces and firepits,  outdoor kitchens or counters , pergolas and gazebos,  we can turn your backyard into an extended part of your home. 


Do you love the cobblestone driveway look?  Is your driveway material faded or can’t keep the grass separate from the driveway?  Do you have water issues in your driveway?   Our team has 30+ years of building some of the longest lasting , aesthetically pleasing driveways in south county,  with our superior installation methods our cobblestone borders and driveway aprons are built to last,  you won’t find a cleaner cobblestone job than one performed by south county stonework!    If your driveway needs a fresh top coat or regrading , we can handle that also.

Pool Patios

This is a big one,  a job that should not be taken lightly ,  the investment of your poolscape should be nothing less than perfect,  your poolscape is a big investment, and south county stonework will provide you the peace of mind you should receive in a project of this magnitude. Fully comprehensive owner / operator Cody Carpenter,  is not just owner of south county stonework but is on each and every jobsite everyday installing / excavating / grading and making sure everything is done to perfection, with daily check ins with the client you can rest assured that your pool scape will be completed to perfection.   Your poolscape should be multidimensional , aesthetically pleasing , and balanced with the rest of your property. South county stonework is your one stop shop for the pool that’s in your future, working with only the highest quality pool installation companies,  We complete 4-6 poolscapes per year,  with so much attention to detail put into every one. With our Pool Packages One call does it all , from blank slate to your dream backyard, let’s get the pool party started!  call today to schedule a site visit with our landscape designer to get your project underway! 

Retaining Walls

The backbone of the landscape , retaining walls however, are the #1 hardscaping failure, many contractors fail to adhere to engineering specifications for a segmental retaining wall’s durability, ultimately leading to premature failure of your investment.  Not to mention possible injury if the wall is tall. With south county stoneworks industry leading warranty , and expert installation practices, you will be certain that your retaining wall will stand the test of time,  with the use of proper drainage solutions,  geotextile fabrics, and geo- grid wall enforcements, along with proper compaction.  Our walls are engineered and installed to precision, again south county stonework will exceed expectations. 

Steps & Staircases

 From simple to show stopping ,   south county stonework can design and build a showpiece for the focal point of your home,  from simple SRW block steps ,  precast concrete steps,  to elaborate custom stone steps  with bluestone and natural stone we can turn your boring old stoop into a functional, safe and beautiful part of your homes landscape.


One of my favorite jobs to complete,  the front walkway is the focal point of the front of your home,  it welcomes guests, it defines your homes curb appeal,   south county stonework will design the best walkway to fit the aesthetics of your home with south county stoneworks favorite being natural bluestone with a cobblestone border!   We can make your walkway the talk of the town,  come halloween you’ll catch all the neighbors staring at your perfect walkway! 

Excavation & Site Work

South county stonework offers a complete solution for all your properties excavation and site work needs.  From lot clearing , brush removal, stump removal, grading and drainage solutions,   lawn installations, garden bed installations,  boulder walls , shed pad prep,  and more our excavator and skid steer are ready to serve you and your property’s needs.


South County Stonework offers Spring cleanups and mulching , and fall leaf cleanups,  along with snowplowing .  This is where the business started in the maintenance department and quickly grew into what is now South county stonework , providing south county with the highest quality show stopping landscapes.  

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you want to expand the amount of room to entertain guests, contact South County Stone Work to build a customized outdoor living space. Whether you want to add a pergola or a gazebo, we offer our customers dozens of design ideas that blend perfectly with unique home décors. We also specialize in adding custom outdoor kitchens to expand the amount of space you have to work your culinary magic. Submit the Contact form located at our website to schedule a free initial consultation.